The Night Used To Be Young

by Humans Etcetera

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"In fact, it’s actually rather difficult to decide why I even like this album. It’s poorly produced, erratic, lacks cohesion and is amateurish at best, and yet, its unpredictable nature is what pulls me in so completely and keeps me interested all throughout."

-Quigs (The Monolith)


released January 1, 2014

The Newsroom - Sample on "Worst.Generation.Period."

Christopher Henry - Everything else...



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Humans Etcetera Wenzhou, China

Christopher Henry. 26, from West Virginia USA, living in Wenzhou China.

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Track Name: Mosquito Bite
1). Mosquito Bite:

The beginning,
candle burning
deep in the red woods
starts a fire as a stray leaf dives
off the branch of a nearby tree
and nestles by the light.

that's how you start a fire...
that's how you start a fire...

...a fire burns a leaf as leaps from a tree so dry
it burns into the night
and we nestle by the light

The campers all driving home,
none the least bit suspicious,
they rest the weary heads on a window
as the driver day dreams about
materialistic things, errands, and bills and shit.
She lives in the night!

she says goodbye,
and scratches at a mosquito bite.
Track Name: The Apple in None of Our Eyes
2). The Apple in None of Our Eyes

She scratches, she heals,
she blisters and peels.
She is our kin,
she's cloaked in our skin.
She whistles and howls like the wind,
she pollinates the coast.
She is a trade-wind moving in from the north.
Star, we'll follow you.
Just start and we'll follow you.

Who is She!??

She laughs, she permits,
she cries and submits.
She is our mother held under another.
She grows, she goes,

She gets old and dies.
She is the apple in none of our eyes.
She takes you by surprise
She waits in a line,

She's awake all hours of a summer night reading by the candle light,
She's carefree and wild,
She's a sight for sorry eyes,
too pathetic to ever get her right,
She's a token of a simple life,
she is who. she is who. she is who.
She is you.
Track Name: Pillowcase
4). Pillowcase


Do you wish you were asleep?
Then rest your little head on me
until you fall asleep,
until you enter the dream.
Let's get this going.
Let's fall into sleep.

Try to sleep, you fucking sheep
try to sleep, try to sleep through this.
Wake up.
Crawl outta bed.

The Shepard just came and went,
well what the fuck did you expect?
Track Name: Heirloom
7). Heirloom

Passed down,
passed out.

So tradition plagues us.
It's just like a silent film
playing in a big empty room,
and it's only remotely reel.
So the ghosts choose to ignore it.

after year
after year
after year
Stuffing the bottle full of maps,
until we'd left everything.

Yeah, we bothered leaving a legacy,
yeah, but it burned us right to the ground.

Look what I found:

here's a Box of photographs,
every frame is
charred forgotten bread.
here's a bunch of camping gear
stories on the
tips of sad tongues,
making vows to never pass it down.

after year
after year
after year
pouring a glass full of traps,
and we've barely said anything at all.

Yeah, so we bothered catching the fireflies,
yeah, but we felt so bad we opened the lid.
They clung to it like an heirloom
they were too afraid to never leave,
making vows to never pass it down.

after year
after year
after year
after year
after year
after bleeding fucking years,
I'm so dried up.
And I've clearly had enough.
I'm too drunk on your touch.
I'm so fucking doctored up!
I think I've had enough.
Track Name: Burned Like A Book on CD
9). Burned Like A Book on CD:

The End.
A wick hides away with the light like
shallow grass loses it's color to the snow.
I remember putting out the fire, but somehow

she carried it to the sky
by the handful.

By the handful,

it touched the clouds so they shriveled up.
Arsonists everywhere thinking out-loud,
"That's how you start a fire."
It's in the blood now.
The wicked blades went through our skin.

Burned like a book on CD,
cut like the branches,
counting the rings.

is it comforting to know
that nothing lives forever?
is it comforting to know
that nothing lasts forever?


Nothing bites here.