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RED TAPE is the sequel to CRAMMED AND DISTORTED. They're both LoFi Rock albums made partially in USA and finished in China. The name: RED (for China, love, and the record button), TAPE (for LoFi, and sticky annoying shit), and RED TAPE (for bloody bureaucracy).
FYI, I wear my influences on my sleeves. I listened to a lot of Deftones, Django Django, Wavves (Thanks Mason), Kim Jung Mi, Animal Collective, Bishops, and Deerhoof while making this record.

*ALSO, I've included some anecdotes and info about my recording process for each song, so check that out. Look for the "about this track" button.

And thanks for choosing Humans Etcetera! ^_^


released October 31, 2016

All Performed and Recorded by: Christopher Henry

I'd like to thank: my Grandma for letting me play drums in her basement, Beckley (WV) for having a skatepark, Radioshack for making awesome tape recorders, Chelsea for being aware that I was recording guitar in her living room and not making a peep, 蔡清 for being my moral support while recording that shitty drumset at Love Art Music School, Brianna for helping chose the right cover art, the Chinese Embassy in DC for giving me such a hard time that it inspired me to make this, and my Dad.
And anyone who's reading this. TY.



all rights reserved


Humans Etcetera Wenzhou, China

Christopher Henry. 26, from West Virginia USA, living in Wenzhou China.

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Track Name: Never Make Threats
(Don't let personal feelings influence anything).
(Never make threats).
This is not a good way
to make friends
(Never make threats)
because people
don't like to feel scared.
(And I would just say, never make threats).
(Never make threats).
If you want to make friends.
(Never make threats).
If you want to make friends.
(And I would just say, never make threats).
(When I use to was teaching parenting classes to parents,
I would have to add that last part.
Never make a threat
of something that you can not,
or are not
to carry out).
Track Name: Sticky Trap
Sticky trap
set for a mouse,
under the Lazy-Susan.
Look what I found down there.
Covered in glue.
Oh my god!
I could try to revive it,
but what's the point?
It will die again
Track Name: 公共厕所
I just wait and wait
to use the washroom.
Where else can I go?
All unsuitable.
I run place to place,
but still I can't find
a way to get clean.
Birdbath; not an option.
Feeling like trash.
Where else can I go?
All unsuitable.
Track Name: Swim Date
I've been beating down the door.
For what?
Are you coming swimming?
Why not?
I've been flailing in the sun
without you.
Please come swimming with me.
Why not?
I've been waiting for a slice
of pool-side-pizza with you.
So come and get some.
Why not?
Sun tan by the pool side.
I'm here waiting for you.
Track Name: Machine
It's the job of the machine
to wash my clothes
so I don't have
to get my hands wet.
Otherwise I would
spend too much time
cleaning my stained red gloves.
So I propose
a toast the washer.
Thanks for being invented, pal.
Now my hands stay dry.
The stains come out
But my socks are pink;
I need some bleach.
Now you know that I killed something that bleeds.
I tried to wash my bloody gloves
and it turned my socks pink.
Wash again, this time with some bleach.
This is the job for my washing machine.
Track Name: Old Star
Hey, old star
of fear and war.
You know how... how... how...
You know how I like it.
Cut me like a freak.
I just need the money, it's rent.
Or else, so long
to my home in the hills.
Come and light it up for insurance.
I just want the money. I don't care
I don't care how. I don't care how.
I don't care how. We came this far.
I don't care how. I don't care how.
Carry guns to the streets.
I just need the money, okay?
Or else, so long
to all my favorite things.
You can't take them away.
I won't let you in.
You can't take them away.
Track Name: Pretty
You look so, you look so
you look so, you look so, so, so pretty.
Pretty in the shipyard,
pretty in the graveyard,
pretty when you get
the strap on your riffle.
You look so, you look so,
you look so, so pretty.
Pretty when you're homeless,
pretty in the shipyard,
pretty in the graveyard.
You're pretty when you get
the strap on your riffle
fixed in Bangladesh.
Track Name: Sunburned
Outside my window
I can see the sun set,
And I haven't been out.
I'm sure I'm lacking vitamin D,
but at least I'm safe.
Outside my warm room,
I could be hit with a bullet
in a vital organ,
die by car crash,
or get sunburned.
Or get sunburned.
Or get sunburned.
Or get sunburned.
Track Name: Mazu 987
Hey life guard,
you missed a spot.
Let me come and help you out.
Cover your cloudy skin,
or else you'll be burning.
Red like a stove top.
Do you wanna be burning?
Then you'd better follow me.
I'll die for you.
I'll die for you.
I'll die for you.
I'll die for...
white pony,
my feet kisser.
Let me come down to Earth.
Brush out all your naughty hair,
or else you'll be hurting.
Blue like a stillborn.
Do you want to be hurting?
Then you'd better walk with me.
Would I lie to you?
Would I lie to you?
I'll die for you.
Would I lie to you?
Would I lie? Would I lie?
If I'd die, would I lie?
I'd lie to have you.
Track Name: Grim Reapers
When it rains down
they look like grim reapers.
Hoods up, on their E-Bikes
making deliveries.
They take no tips,
no thanks, just leave the food.
Yellow Kangaroos
splashing through the rain.
Track Name: That's Not Good
Here we go again.
That's not good.
Track Name: Hand
It's not enough
to walk on the ceiling,
if I can't feel it.
And I can't feel it now.
Put me down.
Down down down.
I'm not enough
to fall from the ceiling.
Help to pull me down.
I was attached
to the top of the box
and I couldn't have come down.
Not without your hand.
I needed your hand.
I needed your hand.
I needed your hand.
Track Name: RED TAPE
There's no mistake.
The record light is red
like blood, like love.
Red like blood, like love, like love.
I'm cutting the tape
right off my brain.
It's red.
Maybe I should stop and wait.
But it's hot, and I want,
and I want
in the pool, cuz it's cool,
cuz it's cool.