Pointless Squares

by Humans Etcetera

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Pointless Squares is Humans Etcetera's third full-length record. In previous releases I played all of the instruments, but with this one I tried a little collaborating. Morgantown, WV is home to so many amazing musicians and bands, and I'm very thankful to those who lent their talents to this project.

These songs wouldn't be what they are without: Craig DeBastiani (Culture Thief & Moses Alley), Andrew Matheny (Clean Dirty Clean), Jake Heater (False Pterodactyl), Rachel Rabeneck, Joe Shreve, Takeru Abe (The Pattie Boids), Geoffrey Minnear (Ghost House), Anthony Kolanko (Wax Brain), and Sarah Rudy (Hello June).


released January 27, 2016


Christopher Henry - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums
Craig DeBastiani - Vocals on "Giraffe House"
Andrew Matheny - Bass on "Giraffe House"
Jake Heater - Bass on "Sour Tea"
Rachel Rabeneck - Oboe on "Sour Tea" & "Really Glad"
Joe Shreve - Vocals on "Mars 3"
Takeru Abe - Bass on "Really Glad"
Geoffrey Minnear - Guitar on "Unpeeled"
Anthony Kolanko - Vocals on "Cake"
Sarah Rudy - Vocals on "Moonroof"

Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered by Christopher Henry
...in his bedroom.



all rights reserved


Humans Etcetera Morgantown, West Virginia

Christopher Henry. 26, from West Virginia USA, living in Wenzhou China.

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Track Name: Giraffe House
My name's on the mailbox,
but this don't feel like my house.
So I walk a few blocks down
into a home
for abandoned sub-Saharan mammals.

Oh no!

Giraffes left the gingersnaps out.
They're getting stale.
Those lazy long-necks.
I think to myself,
"These cookies are ruined now!"

Oh no!

Then a teenage giraffe
sporting a temporary tattoo
says, "Hey dad, I'm so glad you're home."

"Well, I'm not sure I'm your dad, kid.
I'm not sure that anything actually exists."
Track Name: Sour Tea
Pens and teeth chattering,
polar caps boiling
in sour tea,
take a drink
while everyone's talking.

Bodies of water flood,
and we are not holding one
tastebud on our tongue
cause everyone's talking.

Slow down, we're digging holes.
We're drowning now, painfully slow.
Track Name: Mars 3
We thought you'd never make it this far.
After so many dust storms, you still hold charge.
Maybe your brothers will land on Europa,
look down at that red glow
in tiny orbs.
I guess there's something more to explore.
Oooo. Ahhh.
Track Name: Really Glad
I'm glad to meet you,
so really glad to meet you.
I'm glad to meet you,
so really glad I had...

On the first day,
you and I wrote some letters.
Wrapping in feathers,
it's too cute,
the way they stick together.
Meow is a sound
you don't make
when dogs come around.

Then we had a run-for-our-lives
jog down the hill.
It wasn't quite the night of my life.

On the next day,
you and I made breakfast.
Blueberry pancakes & bacon,
then we left to take pictures.
In class & outside.
I felt like I had to buy a bike.

So then we'd have a ride that really goes
twice as fast
and we can make it back to class just in time.
Track Name: Unpeeled
I want something I
can look in the eyes of.

Today I stepped out
to find an ape in my backyard.
She was holding her hand out,
asking to jam.
I gave her a guitar
and we were playing a song.
But she took to the trees
when I tried to hold her hand.

Would you believe I meant
every word I said?
The sweat spreads to my palm.
Open hand.
And I want something
I can look in the eyes of,
not a flighty creature
playing guitar in my yard.

Now a lion's moving in.
And my banana brain's unpeeled.
He shape-shifts into a tree
and says:
I'll never go anywhere.

But I want something,
I can look in the eyes of,
not the trunk of a tree
in a dream where i'm awake.
Would you believe I meant
every word I said?
Put em in your head,
try to understand?

I've been inventing friends
to keep me company,
inventing friends
but they're unwilling
to stay with me.
Yeah they left me alone.
So if you wanna go,
you wanna go,
just go.
Go. Go. Go. Go.
Track Name: Cake
I'm walking my dog in a snake park
and I'm alright.
I'm walking a snake in a skate park
and I'm alright.
I'm taking a bath in my birthday
money, money, money,
and I'm alright.
And raking up leaves tryin to make some cake.
And I'm alright.
I'm walking a dog in a snake park
and I'm alright.
I'm walking a snake in a skate park
and I'm alright.
I'm taking a bath in a birthday cake.
And raking up leaves tryin to make some
money, money, money,
money, money, money, money.
money, money, money, money.
money, money, money, money.
Track Name: Bad Breakfast
I popped a tart
into the blender but it wouldn't start
and my bacon wouldn't cook
AND I think pig fat is sick.
I skipped the first
meal and that was the worst
decision that I've ever made
AND I just recently got canned
from the desk.
My boss caught me with my head at rest.
I was having a really bad dream.
I kicked and screamed:
I'll eat my pancakes under water
from now on
I can't afford
to have them above.
I'm sick of coughing up a gallon of phlegm a day.
I should see the doctor
and hear what he has to say.
From now on, I'll listen.
Track Name: Moonroof
Somedays at work
I polish off ceramic plates.
Dirty water, fluoride, and crumbs
go down the drain.
Time flies
and I hang my shabby cloth
high from the moon
roof. Moon. Moonroof.
My ride, she drives
me back,
back to her place.
We chill in park. Arrived.
Staring out into space.
Stars like cars
passing by, I wave
hi from the moon
roof. Moon. Moonroof.
Track Name: Fool Circle
I've got an Idea