Exit Parachute Via Bear

by Humans Etcetera

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When you're coming and going, really you're just leaving. Always leaving something. And this EP is the pieces from my leaving Nanjing last summer, and Morgantown this summer. The title is a misheard version of the theatre idiom expressing the need to get off stage quickly. The artwork is a close-up picture of a post-card from Nanjing's Library Avant-Guard.

Tracks 1, 2, and 3 were recorded on February 24th 2016 by Ashlyn Schanil in the Falbo Theatre and the recording control room at the Creative Arts Center of West Virginia University.
Track 4 was recorded in a Guzheng practice room in Nanjing, and in my Wenzhou apartment.
Track 5 and 6 were recorded at 433 Clark St, in my Morgantown bedroom.

Also, there's no real bass guitar.
All bass sounds were produced using a Boss OC-3 pedal
and a sexy red Jaguar (except for "Nurse"
which uses auxiliary pitch-shifting to bring the lows).



released July 4, 2016

Christopher Henry - Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Guzheng

Recorded by Ashlyn Schanil
Mixed and Mastered by Christopher Henry



all rights reserved


Humans Etcetera Wenzhou, China

Christopher Henry. 26, from West Virginia USA, living in Wenzhou China.

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Track Name: Dystopia
If I was a farmer, I'd plow into the sky,
or work a little harder for when the earth is dry.
To hide in holes, seeds are sewn in old skin.
If I was a law-man, I'd arrest your double-chin,
detain you for a fortnight in the pig pen.
Then I'd go home and sleep alone.
Track Name: Feline
Got the gun? Point it at my head.
I got the nine lives, cuz I'm feline.
So what could you have for me?
What could you have?
But woe?
Track Name: Butchered
I'll run around and hit myself
against a tree before I die.
I'll run around. Homegrown.
I'll run a rut straight in the ground.
Really deep. I'll settle down
in a grave.
Ooo It's the same sad story,
and I tell it to me all the time.
Same thing same thing same thing.
I'm not afraid of guillotines
because there's just no reason for them.
Track Name: Nurse
Oh you taste like metal charms
around my arms for good luck
getting out of here alone.
I know. It's good for me
to take what you're handing out.
Oh miss Stockholm, nurse God
please don't let me go
outside the gate